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Distributors of Envirotex Lite, Crystal Sheen, Casting Resin, Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy, EX-74, EX-88, Glaze Coat, Kleer Kote, Studio by Sculpey, Sculpey, Sculpey III, Super Sculpey, Super Sculpey Living Doll, Elasticlay, Ultra-Lite, Premo, Granitex, Polymer Clays, Pony Beads, Faceted Beads, Round Beads, Round Magnets, Square Magnets, Magnetic Clasps, Ceramic Magnets, Neo Magnets, Wavy Fan Handles, Butterknife Fan Handles, Jazzups, Sandstones, Americana Paints, Glaze Coat, Shimmering Pearls, SoSoft Fabric Paints, Royal Brushes, Jansen Art Brushes, Americana Brushes, Woodsies, Wood Turnings, E-6000, E-6100, UV6800, Marine Goop, Famowood Wood Filler, Famowood Wood-Tex, Dura-Tuff, EcoGlue, Anti Skid Epoxy with Grit.